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Which haircut should I go for?
Which haircut should I go for?
Which haircut should I go for?
Styles and trends

Want a change... which haircut is perfect for you?


Our expert gives you their advice on choosing a personalised haircut, which will suit both the nature of your hair and your style.

If you wish to add movement to mid-length hair...

"Opt for a layered haircut. This will vary depending on your desired result. If you wish to obtain more volume on top of your head, your hairdresser will thin out the lower sections. Alternatively, do you prefer a more linear cut? The hairdresser will layer the underneath sections from midway down. Finally, if your hair is fine, the hairdresser will work with the parts at the front to keep maximum volume and substance."

If you wish to have a feminine haircut with short hair...

"A feminine aspect is obtained by focusing on details. Shaved contours are the main characteristic of a masculine cut. Therefore, as soon as you leave a bit of length, you can obtain a softer and more feminine look. You must work on the sideburns and on the nape of the neck. But also add movement at the front with a fringe or a side swept look. Finally, a beautiful hair colouring can feminise a haircut, notably those which have depth ".

If you want an on trend bob...

"The bob is a timeless haircut, whatever your chosen style. Therefore, you can't go wrong! Last season, we proposed a short fringed bob which was highly structured. This Spring, we are moving towards a long bob which fully preserves the thickness of the hair and is full of movement."

If you want a dynamic haircut with long hair...

"If you wish to give a boost to your hair, opt for a layered haircut. For the new Spring-Summer 2016 collection , our model has very long hair. The hair is structured by a line to create a plunging backwards effect, created with progressive layering. This gives a maximum boost to the haircut."

If you wish to make your eyes stand out...

"The fringe is made for you! It is remarkable for focusing attention on the eyes! Whether you prefer, a long, short, thick or curtain fringe , your fringe must, above all, adapt to your style and the texture of your hair. Furthermore, you can also draw attention to your eyes with a side swept look. Finally, colouring your hair can create a great effect if it complements your eye colour."

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Vanessa Giani - trainer in Paris
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