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Find out the essential hairstyles from Coachella 2016.
Find out the essential hairstyles from Coachella 2016.

Twitthair: hairstyles which stood out at Coachella 2016

An unmissable event for fashion and music fans, Coachella is the occasion to dare to try all kinds of looks. From unlikely styles to the most successful, take a closer look at the hairstyles spotted on the Twittosphere!

The full Rainbow Hair look

After the hype of Denim Hair (recreating the colour of jeans in your hair), Rainbow Hair has invaded Coachella. The aim? To show off as many colours as possible on a perfectly layered cut. Difficult to go unnoticed! In real life, we prefer a softer version such as the strawberry blond trend: golden, copper, and even pink highlights.

Loose cornrows

Another more conventional trend of the Festival: braids. We've found a sleek XXL version (cornrows which are easy to create) which is best for keeping hair out of your face and for showing off a bohemian look. An idea to pinch? Leave a few strands loose on the side for a floaty finish. Our tip: plait all the way down to the tips to maximise the length of your locks.

The sleek braids and waves combo

Now for another style. We've found sleek braids in the form of a half-ponytail: a great solution for showing off your locks. Why does it work? The slight wave adds movement to the whole look. To create this style, straighteners are an excellent ally. If you prefer creating curls without heat, use curlers or plait a few strands: the finish will be lighter. The finishing touch? Apply Beach Spray for a 'just left the beach' look.

Braided buns and a copper-coloured tattoo

Third look spotted: braided buns. A must-have look at Coachella, the hairstyle is twisted and a tattoo is applied to mask the hair's parting. A great idea for enhancing a classic hairstyle or standing out at a wedding. Our tip for a modern look? Create high buns in your hair.

The XXL flower crown

Spotted for several seasons now, the flower crown is a must-have look. Red, white, or pink... Choose XXL flowers and simply place them on hair which is left loose: a 100% natural look which you can recreate for a romantic or bohemian wedding. Straight or wavy hair? You have carte blanche!

Virtual flowers

Proof that the flower crown is a signature look of the Festival, we can get this style on an app thanks to Snapchat. If you don't have the chance to go to California, nothing is stopping you from trying out the flower power look... time for a photo or video!

To prolong the joy, discover 4 world records which will astound you!


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