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The Hippie Seventies haircut

This season, Jean Louis David is giving retro layered hairstyles pride of place on mid-length to long hair, showcasing the look with a hair colouring treatment full of contrasts.

The haircut

This is a layered haircut which follows the contours of the face to create made-to-measure movement and to add a touch of lightness to the hair. It comes in two versions: either as a long layered haircut or a mid-length structured bob to highlight the oval shape of the face.

Exclusive techniques

To accentuate the depth of this layered cut, Jean Louis David recommends a specific colouring technique for each version.

The Softlight treatment on the long layered cut: this new highlighting technique illuminates your lengths whilst intensifying the contrast with the roots, adding shine and making the tips framing the face darker.

The Sunlight treatment on the bob, a sun-kissed effect which reinforces contrasts by lightening a few strands around the face and the tips by up to three tones. The roots are left natural and add depth to the haircut.

The four variations of the Hippie Seventies style

– Smooth and sleek perky locks

– Wild waves

– A preppy, well-straightened bob

– A curly blow-dry styled bob

The essentials of the season