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The half bun: this season’s must-have
The half bun: this season’s must-have
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The half bun: this season’s must-have

Discover the new must-have hairstyle for spring. So, what’s the concept behind this new look? Create a bun with half of your hair for a casual and messy feel. Want to know more?
The trend. A half bun on top of the head whilst the rest of your hair hangs loose. This style is fast becoming a sought-after look on the runway, much like Detacher’s Spring-Summer 2015 show at New York Fashion Week. This hipster style has also become a favorite amongst celebs and bloggers for both daytime looks and red-carpet events. What’s caused this huge success? The half bun creates an on-trend finish and relaxed feel, but not only that... it's easy to wear and quick to style.
Get the runway look. This beauty look is becoming so popular as it suits several different styles. Thanks to its mussed-up feel, the half bun is ideal when paired with a relaxed outfit, similar to the runway models. As for evening occasions, create an intense smoky eye to show off your features. Daytime looks should stick to a more fresh-faced finish in nude tones to keep things simple and chic.
Step-by-step tutorial. Start with clean, detangled hair then divide into two sections. We’ll begin with the upper section. Secure into a ponytail before wrapping around on itself to create your bun shape. Allow the lower section to hang loose, whatever its texture, and spray evenly with Fix Spray. Next, it’s time to mess up your style to make it look less polished and slightly more relaxed. Tease your chignon, create a center parting or slick your crown backwards for a sophisticated finish. Do whatever inspires you!
© PixelFormula, Detacher prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2015 © Jean Louis David
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