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The fashion influences for JLD’s new collection!
The fashion influences for JLD’s new collection!
Styles and trends

The fashion influences for JLD’s new collection!

To keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to haircuts and colours, Jean Louis David is taking its inspiration from the latest big trends. These references to fashion and design give us our ideas when it comes to designing collections.
The black and white trend. This season, black and white create a contrast for a graphic, almost neo-futuristic look. This trend can be achieved with the Light Shadows technique, which plays around with light and shadow. Some sections of hair are lighter, while others are darker. This adds depth to hair and the overall look!
The transparent trend. Another trend taken from the fashion world is transparency. Think fluid, light and see-through. But transparency can also be considered a moral value, one that is particularly appreciated in times of crisis like today. To illustrate this, Jean Louis David has developed the Limelight technique. This colouring service is centred on transparency and superimposition.
The pop trend. Jean Louis David’s fiery red could be its 2013 tribute to Emma Peel. It takes its inspiration from fashion’s bright and colourful trends as well as from the geometrical interior design of the 70s.
The white trend. White clothes and accessories are great for spring-summer as it's a bright yet natural colour. This immaculate trend is Jean Louis David’s inspiration for its Contrast Extrême technique. One same blond reveals a range of tones designed to give the colour a natural feel but also to play around with contrast.
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