Paris Fashion Week: the top models to follow on Twitter

Follow the current top models’ daily lives via their Twitter accounts. It’s the perfect gateway for discovering behind the scenes of the fashion world and all of its little secrets!

Cara Delevingne: top model for the new generation – @Caradelevingne

In just a few years of being in the business, Cara Delevingne has emerged as a key model of this decade. Often described as the worthy heiress of Kate Moss, she knew how to impose her style on an industry which can sometimes be rather rigid. During Fashion week, follow the fashion shows she’ll feature in for the world’s biggest designers and be inspired by her most beautiful looks. All of this, combined with her now legendary humor and coolness!

Kendall Jenner: top model of the moment @KendallJenner

In 2015, she conquered the fashion world, becoming one of the world’s most bankable models. Therefore, this year, Kendall Jenner will be one of the top models we’ll see everywhere during Fashion Week. On her twitter account, you can follow her behind the scenes at some of the biggest fashion shows. You can also follow her daily life which she shares with a highly VIP entourage.

Gigi Hadid: new fashion phenomenon- @GigiHadid

At just 20 years old, she quickly became the rising star of her generation. It’s simple, Gigi Hadid is seen more and more at the most prestigious fashion shows, on the covers of the biggest magazines and signing juicy contracts with some of the most beautiful brands. This social network addict will share (almost) everything with you: her career, her looks, her evenings out and all of her passions. A highly connected model!

Karlie Kloss: healthy top model – @Karliekloss

Legs which go on forever and the face of an angel… this characterizes Karlie Kloss! At 22, she already has an exemplary modelling career. Via her account, follow her at the biggest designers’ fashion shows and discover the lingerie collections from her glamour photo shoots. She will also reveal all the secrets of her very healthy lifestyle (sport, diet, health care routine) which comes naturally to her. Just the type of girl we love!

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