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How to keep your bob looking beautiful?
How to keep your bob looking beautiful?
How to keep your bob looking beautiful?
Styles and trends

Maintaining a bob: tips and advice


Whether it's long, short, wavy or coupled with a fringe... the bob is a timeless haircut which ensures you look both elegant and highly on trend. However, once you have opted for this haircut, it requires a specific hair regime. Our expert gives you their advice on how to take care of your bob.

The bob: a graphic haircut to be maintained

"Normally, a bob which has been cut properly will grow out as a bob. The lengths will stay at the same levels. However, if you have a short bob (down to the ears or to the chin) , visit your hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the speed at which your hair grows. This frequency is enough to keep your haircut's structure."

"If you have a long bob (shoulder length or down to your collar bone) , go to your salon roughly every two months. Unlike the short version, regrowth will be much less visible. However, if you are fastidious and don't want your hair to move even a centimetre, visit your hairdresser every month."

Must you adapt your hair treatments to your bob?

"No, that's not necessary. Always choose hair treatments according to the nature of your hair : thick, fine, sensitive, coloured, dry or greasy. However, shiny hair looks great with a bob. You can therefore use treatments which add shine, like those from the Oil Therapy range. Another solution: opt for a Gloss treatment which will give maximum shine to your locks."

"As for styling products, Perfect Liss is perfect for obtaining poker straight, smooth and sleek hair. Apply it before using your heating device to perfectly tame your locks. Alternatively, Design Mousse or the leave-in treatment from the Curl Therapy range will sculpt your curls, making them stand out. You can therefore show off a curly bob which is dynamic and shining with health."

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