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Jean-Louis David’s Spring-Summer 2012 Trends
Jean-Louis David’s Spring-Summer 2012 Trends
Styles and trends

Jean-Louis David’s Spring-Summer 2012 Trends

Jean-Louis David continues its “My hairdresser and me” adventure for a new and exceptional Spring-Summer collection! Standing out is the cheeky short cut with thinned ends and strands at the front for any number of styles. Jean-Louis David thus begins with an open bowl cut which combines a feminine look with a soft feel for a very tailored end result.
  For those of you who have not yet given in to the boyish haircut, you should know that the long bob remains a must have in Jean-Louis David salons. A timeless style, it is best to have it layered and framed around the face to emphasize movement and lightness. To highlight your eyes, give a fringe a chance!
  Another trend is long hair, provided you ensure it has volume. To do this, your hair is thinned out and layered. For naturally wavy hair, don’t hesitate to test the exclusive Wavy service from Jean-Louis David: a must this season.

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