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How can you incorporate rhinestones into your hairstyles?
How can you incorporate rhinestones into your hairstyles?
How can you incorporate rhinestones into your hairstyles?
Styles and trends

Hairstyles adorned with rhinestones


For New Year's Eve, a wedding or a sophisticated cocktail party, get the Sissi look by adorning your hair with rhinestones. Chignons, fishtail braids, half ponytails... add a touch of sparkle to your hairstyles.

Mini rhinestones in a fishtail braid

For a romantic look, opt for a pretty two-strand braid adorned with mini rhinestone-studded hairpins spread out along the length of your hair. The must-have look? A fishtail braid created with two large strands (see our tutorial on fishtail braids )! Once the braid is held in place with an elasticated hair tie, run a toothbrush over it to give a floatier look to the hairstyle. Then, put in about ten mini rhinestones to create a sparkling line.

Large rhinestones adorning a low chignon

Planning to wear a low back dress? Enhance your outfit with a low chignon to showcase the nape of your neck. It could be rolled up in the style of a snail shell chignon for a slicked-back look or it could be more bohemian by gathering your locks together without tightening them too much for a floatier hairstyle . To hold it all in place, use a transparent elasticated hair tie and/or a few wavy hair grips. Once the whole hairstyle is held in place, add three or four rhinestone-studded hairpins at random to give a sophisticated touch to your hairstyle.

Rhinestone-studded stars in a half ponytail

Does the Sissi hairstyle make you feel like you're dreaming? Forget ringlets, top knots and braids. Keep the spirit of the high half ponytail, but adorn it with a few rhinestones. The lengths can be straight or curly - you have carte blanche. Once tied up, start by selecting a strand from the ponytail to wrap it around the elasticated hair tie holding it up. Then, add a few hair slides or star hairpins all around the tied-up style. You can even put some in the half ponytail itself to finish off the whole look.

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