For or against colouring eyebrows

Ever since the dark and thick eyebrow trend began, have you been tempted to take the plunge? Here is everything you need to know before giving it a go.

Since the Cara Delevingne eyebrow phenomenon came on the scene, bushy dark eyebrows have been all the rage, even on blonds. If you are a blond, go for two to three shades darker, if you wish to give more character to your face. If you go even darker, the colour will still look more natural than a tattoo, rather than having a drawn-on effect, if you play with light and shade.

A question of shades

Alternatively, if you have darkened your hair’s base colour by several shades, colouring your eyebrows will make your new shade look more natural, and it will add more depth to your eyes.

However, never bleach your eyebrows at risk of de-structuring your face, or even making it look washed out. That is unless you wish to succumb to the bleached trend (ice blond), which is not always easy to pull off.

Easy upkeep

Besides its aesthetic aspect, colouring your eyebrows has its advantages. It is less restrictive and more practical when it comes to make-up, and it allows you to save time when it comes to your morning beauty regime. You will also no longer need to re-draw your eyebrows during the day. On the other hand, they will need touch-ups every three weeks by a professional! Do not panic, you will not end up with “patches”, the colour fades evenly over time.

Take action

Colouring your eyebrows, which should only be carried out by a professional, starts with a personalised assessment, to determine the right colour, and an allergy test. Vaseline is applied around the eyebrows so the eyebrow colouring does not dye the skin, and that is applied for 5 minutes before being rinsed off with water. It’s a quick process but not miraculous! Colouring your eyebrows will not change their shape and it will not make them thicker. Take note: if your eyebrows are very fine, darkening them can give you a severe look. If that is the case, opt for a pencil or eyebrow shadow instead.

GOOD TO KNOW: it is inadvisable to colour your eyebrows yourself because, firstly, you might not know the best shade to choose, and, secondly, you might not know how much product to use or how to apply it.

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