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To feel at ease during an interview, play the natural card, even with your hair.
To feel at ease during an interview, play the natural card, even with your hair.

Doing your hair well for an interview, our styling advice

Making yourself stand out during an interview is also about your hairstyle. Steering clear of styles which are too plain or off the wall makes all the difference. Play the natural card... whilst being quick to answer!

Stick to the style of the company

Convincing a recruiter that a job is perfect for you starts with your look... and your hairstyle. Do you love chignons? Say goodbye to styles which are too severe, making your face look harsher. With the top knot, you will get a casual finish. If you wish to go for a more bohemian look, go for a more floaty or romantic version. This easy-to-create chignon is perfect for softening your features.

Revisit classics

Forget looks which are too conventional, dare to try new hairstyles instead! You don't need to go as far as trying out strawberry blond or denim hair, but we suggest you put your own twist on great classics: a brilliant way of making yourself stand out. Do you wish to enhance a ponytail? Scrunch your hair, play with wavy effects, combine it with multiple sleek braids...You have free rein. Our tip? Wear it high to elongate your neck: one of the must-have styles of this year.

Use a styling product to help

Undesirable frizz, rebellious strands, uncontrollable volume... so many things which can alter your confidence before an interview. To feel at ease, complete your hair regime by using the right amount of a targeted styling product : hairspray or a small amount of cream is enough. One piece of advice, avoid the gelled wet look effect: it's more suited to your holidays.

Do you have long and shiny hair? Make it stand out.
Do you have long and shiny hair? Make it stand out.

Make your hair stand out

Are you undecided whether you should keep your hair up or down? For each specific case, there is a great option! Having your hair down is the best way of looking relaxed. The drawback: avoid it if you like playing with your hair or you use it to hide behind. In this case, it is best to tie it up or opt for the half-up half-down look.

Is your fringe too long? If you haven't time to carry out any touch-ups on your fringe (only get this done in the salon!), several styling tips exist . Keep in mind that the main thing is keeping your hair out of your face: chatting to your potential employer will be much more pleasant.

If you are still unsure, think strategically. If you have beautifully natural hair, now is the chance to show it off. Our tip: opt for a blow-dried styled or a wavy effect. Has your hair suffered repetitive straightening? Go for a pretty braid to hide your split ends (you will still have time to pamper them with keratin).

If you are still out of inspiration, try out one of the new Jean Louis David Style Bar hairstyles : 15 minutes, 15 euros and a perfect hairstyle for your interview.


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