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All the hair scoops not to be missed on Instagram this January.
All the hair scoops not to be missed on Instagram this January.

Buzzhair: January's off-the-wall hair news

Out-of-the-ordinary cuts and colouring treatments, IT-hairstyles or unusual trends: hair news is all over Instagram. Here are some of the most surprising ones online right now!

A woman goes brunette using Nutella

Calling all foodies! Here's a deliciously tempting colouring technique for anyone wanting to become a brunette. Invented by Abed Allahitani, a hairdresser from Dubai, it consists of applying the famous spread to your locks, then soaking them in condensed milk to give your hair pretty chocolate shades. A temporary colour using Nutella which darkens your natural colour for two to three weeks, whilst making your hair soft and shiny. Just what you need to trade in your golden locks for chocolate brown without any regrets!

Dain Yoon's hair manicure

Let my hair grow here painted all by myself @designdain

Une publication partage par DAIN YOON (@designdain) le

A Korean artist has nailed a far-fetched idea by putting impressive optical illusions on her nails and revealing them on her Instagram account which has something of an art gallery feel. For this new style of manicure, Dain Yoon created a series of self-portraits with each nail being a mini replica of her face, hair included to make them more realistic. This hair-themed nail art celebrates hair right down to the fingertips and, of course, it went viral!

We heart Kendall's It-hairstyle!

Une publication partage par Kendall (@kendalljenner) le

It's hard to believe, but this simple shot posted by celeb Kendall Jenner sparked off a real hair phenomenon on social networks. With her hair carefully placed into heart shapes all around her head, the pretty young lady and her short-lived, rather poetic hairstyle, quickly took Instagram by storm and became incredibly popular. It triggered a flurry of similar hairstyles shared using the hashtag #hearthair (already used 12,897 times at the time of posting this article). This romantic hairstyle has inspired lots of copycat posts by fans and people doing spoofs - including men!

A choppy haircut

! , ! , @lapa696 @the_power_of_the_vagina !

Une publication partage par Daniil Istomin. (@istomin_daniil_) le

Does the idea of a new haircut make you nervous? If so, do not whatever you do make an appointment with Daniil Istomin! This Russian hairdresser who is big on showmanship has traded his scissors for an axe to create spectacular cuts and layers in his clients' hair. This tool is enough to send shivers down your spine, banishing split ends with a clean cut... Along with preconceived ideas! The method is certainly impressive, but it's unlikely all of us will be prepared to put our heads on the chopping block for a new look!

The nose hair extensions craze

We didn't see this strange concept coming and yet... It has won over a lot of beauty influencers from all over the web! The kind of person who nose where to sniff out and follow the latest trends is most likely to have given it a go right away. The idea is to take pretty false eyelashes and stick them inside the nostrils as long, curved nose hair extensions. Internet users found this unusual beauty idea and bold result good for a laugh. This is hardly surprising for such a crazy idea. For now, perhaps it's best to stick to normal hair extensions for a much more glamorous look.


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