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We take a look back at all of this month's hair-related posts on Instagram.
We take a look back at all of this month's hair-related posts on Instagram.
We take a look back at all of this month's hair-related posts on Instagram.

Buzzhair: braided brows and more off-the-wall hair stories!


Posts about braided brows, puzzling styles that make you want to tear your hair out, magic tips on getting a new look, and hair art: read on for the surprising Instagram hair news stories that you shouldn't miss out on!

A hairstyle... For your brows!

It all started with the Instagram post by Eros Gomez, a 17 year-old make-up artist who shared his photo of his "braided brows" creation using image editing software to poke fun at people changing their eyebrows on Instagram. Ironically, that was all it took for it to go viral with almost 180,000 likes and comments on his post by people wanting to know how to create a mini braid in their eyebrows... Looks like the braided brow trend could actually take off!

Emojis will soon become available for all hair colours

You might not have noticed if you're a brunette or a blonde, but there are no emojis with ginger hair, to the great dismay of men and women with flaming red locks. Although different ethnic groups are represented to bring our emojis to life, this hair colour has not been included in the choice of smileys. However, the 2% of the population with red hair can rest assured, after a petition on social networks and a crowd of dissatisfied users making their feelings known. Red hair emojis are going to be making an appearance on our screens this year, and of course everyone's talking about it!

Blake Lively's puzzling hairstyle

REGRAM from @rodortega4hair #NatureInspiredHair #WhoWoreItBetterBlakeOrTheBush

Une publication partage par Blake Lively (@blakelively) le

At first glance, the Gossip Girl actress just shared a shot of one of her most beautiful braids. However, if you look closer, as 439,123 people have most likely done (to date), you can see that this braid is far from ordinary. In fact, it's a real riddle! With expertly interwoven locks, the beautiful blonde made a lot of beautystas wonder how to recreate this complicated novelty hairstyle. The most likely scenario? A succession of small messy chignons that look like they run down the entire length of her hair.

Beard sculptor

Who said women had the monopoly over fun hairstyles? Not Isaiah Webb, anyway! More commonly known as Mr. Incredibeard, this man with incredible barber talents has found THE solution to brave all kinds of creative hairstyles, despite having short hair: he sculpts his beard to turn it into various masterpieces. Sometimes down-to earth, sometimes completely off the wall, his daring creations are compiled on his Instagram account of the same name. From using gel to unlikely sculpting, we sure hope he knows how to keep his beard in good condition!

A tip for getting short locks without getting your hair cut!

With 3.1 million followers on Instagram, beauty blogger Sarah Angius set off major hype amongst her fans when she shared her tip on turning long hair into a short style without using scissors! A trick made possible with smart styling combining a ponytail with locks held in place with flat hairpins to make it look like she'd cut her long hair short. A real lifesaver for die-hard Rapunzels at a time when short haircuts are in!

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