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Discover the secrets of how to rock the hottest fringe trend right now
Discover the secrets of how to rock the hottest fringe trend right now

5 tips to follow for a baby fringe

For a few seasons, fringes have been getting shorter, leaving both the eyes and eyebrows visible. We're talking about "baby bangs", a hair trend several stars have already succumbed to. If you too wish to adorn your forehead with this miniature fringe, here are 5 tips to follow to avoid any serious hair mishaps.

1- Take into account the nature of your hair...

As small as it is, you cannot afford to make any mistakes when it comes to a baby fringe. To rock this look without a hitch, it works best if you have straight or slightly wavy hair. If you have naturally ultra-curly or frizzy locks, you should avoid this type of fringe as the finish just won't look right.

2- ...and your face shape

As it's cut really short, this mini fringe does not suit all face shapes. It is all a matter of proportions. If you have a long face, this fringe will only accentuate it. Is your face oval shaped? You can go for this fringe trend without a problem. The same goes for those with round faces who are best suited to a thinned-out lighter version of this fringe.

3- Couple it with a suitable haircut...

Baby bangs suit almost all hairstyles. However, avoid wearing them with extremely long or ultra-short locks. As for all other hairstyles, let your imagination run wild to achieve a look you've always wanted. Straightened, scrunched or even curled, this mini fringe suits several different styles.

4- ...and wear it with loads of confidence

When it comes to a baby fringe, hiding behind your hair is out of the question. This graphic hairstyle will be sure to attract attention. It's best you know this before you succumb to the scissors, especially if you like blending into the crowd.

5- Consider upkeep

Like all fringes, this miniature version requires maintenance. Plan to visit your hair salon every two to three weeks to preserve its extremely distinctive style. This is a point you should take into consideration before adopting this style, especially if you are not the type for regular trips to the salon.


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