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Top hair tweets spotted by the editing team.
Top hair tweets spotted by the editing team.
Top hair tweets spotted by the editing team.

[Twitthair] Star hairstyles from the Twittosphere


Coming up: full fringes, wonderful braids, autumnal tie dye techniques and several sources of inspiration for your next incredible hairstyle. Stay tuned to keep up to date with all the current trends!

Fringes under the spotlight

Whether thinned out, short or unstructured, fringes have made a huge comeback in recent months. The tell-tale sign: when a hairstyle comes back in fashion, all the celebrities start quickly adopting the new look... And we mean in the blink of an eye!

The neo-squaw braid

A cross between a crown, North American Indian braids and cornrows, the young model Line Brems' hairstyle is amazing. In particular, take note of the straight wisps of hair which cascade down her forehead and cheeks for a de-styled look.

The timeless short bob

A symbol of eternal femininity, femmes fatales and young women are still drawn to the short bob. Layered at the nape of the neck, with or without a fringe, straightened or floaty, it is best worn with a side parting. A must-have 2016 trend for a modern look with endless possibilities.

The perfect colour for autumn

With the summer holidays long gone, is your tan starting to fade? Liven up your autumn with a vibrant colour in perfect harmony with nature: a deep red adjusted to your complexion for a perfect finish. You are bound to look radiant with this pretty contrast!

Finding it hard to wake up?

And to finish on a fun note, the editing team takes a look at those mornings when waking up is hard! Bedhead hair is no longer a big deal, with the right regime and correct products to quickly help resolve the situation. We share the trade secrets on the matter.

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