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All the latest hair stories from the Twittosphere
All the latest hair stories from the Twittosphere

[Twitthair] October's best hair-related tweets

This month, in our tweet review, you can find out good reasons for going from long hair to short, get tips on how to blow-dry and create chignons, and hair horoscopes... Read on for some seriously hair-raising tweets!

Going to great lengths to be generous

#I finally decided to get my hair cut to make a donation to @AssocSolidhair

Have you got XXL hair and do you want to go for a different look? Our Twitter user @AnaisRinaudo found a great reason to get her locks chopped off and go for an iconic bob which is highly on trend this season. No way should you throw your Rapunzel locks in the bin. Instead, go for an act of solidarity and donate your locks to charity.

Each to their own sport

#Blow-drying is quite the workout by the end I always end up out of breath

Rest assured, you can take certain measures to make your life easier and make blow-drying feel less like a sport. For example, consider preparing your hair the day before with a smoothing shampoo which will tame your locks before styling. Otherwise, apply a special treatment to ease blow-drying, such as Jean Louis David's Brush Cream, just before you use your hair dryer. You'll see, you can create blow-dried styles like a pro at home in no time... And without wearing yourself out!


#Sagittarians have fantastic legs and really beautiful hair

What if your hair's appearance was determined by your sign of the zodiac? Good news for those who were born between the 23rd of November and the 21st of December! It seems that the stars are on your side, or at least that your star sign means beautiful locks. Whilst we wait for scientific proof, we still advise Sagittarians to take regular care of their hair and use targeted treatments suited to their hair type to look after their locks. That goes for other star signs too!

Don't let your chignon get your hair in a twist

#That wasn't a chignon I had in today but a clump of hair pins!... I'm normally about 8 stone but with these accessories I'm more like 11!

If like Estelle you've had enough of putting in dozens of hairpins to get your chignon to hold, you should know you do not need that many accessories to fix your bun. In fact, only a few hairpins are enough, as long as you put them in correctly so that your hairstyle holds. A top tip? Hook them into your locks in the opposite direction to how the hair grows so that they hold perfectly in place at the roots.

Bowled over by the bowl cut!

#I want to couple my black hair with a bowl cut, that could look good right

Great idea! Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 is the perfect season for going for a bowl cut, straight out of the 90's. This haircut, full of character, is at the heart of Jean Louis David's new Iconic collection. Revisited with a bold version, the bowl cut is highly on trend. So, don't hesitate any longer and ask your hairdressers to give you this incredibly stylish look!


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