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Discover these three Instagram accounts for new hairstyling ideas.
Discover these three Instagram accounts for new hairstyling ideas.

[Instahair] Curly hair: 3 Instagram accounts to follow for hairstyling ideas

Are you lacking in inspiration for styling your frizzy, curly or wavy hair? Take a closer look at these three accounts which you should add to your Instagram news feed!

1. @Sigourneyk for everyday hairstyles

Soo many reasons to smile, so i'm just gonna keep on doing it

Une photo publie par Sigourney K. (@sigourneyk) le

With her mid-length blond locks with copper nuances, Sigourney K is a living advert for curly hair! Not to mention her smile which immediately puts you in a good mood. One of her main assets? Big hair which she fully embraces. Another reason to subscribe to her account: she constantly adapts her hairstyles to change her look. The top styles we fell in love with: her ultra-natural blow-dried effects, her cornrows (very simple to create ) or her top knots. A great account to follow for simple hairstyles which are easy to recreate!

Our tip: to get curls which are as well sculpted as hers, try out Perfect Curls. It tames frizz and enhances waves.

2. @hairromance for sophisticated looks

Unsure how to style your curly hair? If you want a change, Christina's account is perfect for you! Top knots, wavy half-ponytails, romantic braids or a full on curly look... It's difficult to believe but, initially, this blogger found it hard to style her curls. Now, it's quite the opposite! She shows us how to enhance them with elegant and sophisticated hairstyles.

Although certain looks require some dexterity (notably plaits), this Instagram account is a gold mine for showcasing great classics. You just need to take a look at her #curlyhairromance collection (her hairstyle challenge for curly hair) to be convinced.

3. @kayleymelissa for a modern style!

While I was on vacation I created these beachy curls with a travel size flat iron. Why? Because I was tired of my husband teasing me for always packing so many hair tools . I have a tutorial on them going up soon . Speaking of which, I wanted to say I'm sorry for being MIA on my channel lately. I've had a hard time lately just feeling down and sad and just generally disinterested in life. I wish healing from mental illness was just one straight upward trajectory, but it's not. I'm doing what I need to for myself to continue healing, mostly focusing on what I need to do to get back to work. Thank you guys for watching and supporting me. It means a lot especially when I feel like I fail so much as a Youtuber sometimes. I'll be filming this weekend so hopefully videos will be back to normal soon

Une photo publie par KayleyMelissa (@kayleymelissa) le

Although KayleyMelissa doesn't have curly hair, she's a big fan of waves. Whether using them to liven up a half-ponytail or to enhance her hair, she often plays the wavy effect card... and it works! Whether you have very defined or soft curls, her account can inspire you with its modern and romantic hairstyles. A beauty specialist and a fan of braids, this youtuber knows how to enhance her hair. With her XXL locks, she adopts all kinds of different looks: from side plaits, XXL buns to first-rate waves. Take note brunettes, blondes and redheads: her style suits all hair colours!

To be even more inspired, don't miss out on these hairstyles for curly hair, spotted on Pinterest . XXL volume, middle partings, side-swept hair... find out how to add a twist to your waves!


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