What hairstyle should I choose to go with my wedding dress?

You should not just pick a bridal hairstyle at random – it should be in perfect harmony with your outfit for the big day. Find out which hairstyle is perfect for you depending on your chosen wedding dress.

A strapless dress: the choice is yours!

You are lucky, as with bare shoulders you can go for pretty much any hairstyle. A high chignon for elegant posture, or pretty locks worn either partly or completely loose to draw attention to your hair. This type of dress is without doubt the one that leaves you with the most options. Go for the hairstyle of your dreams!

A backless dress: draw attention to the back of the hairstyle

If your dress is backless, opt for a pretty floaty chignon or a half-up half-down hairstyle. It leaves your skin bare and leaves a few strands loose at the nape of your neck for a sultry look. Alternatively, go for a hairstyle which runs down the length of the back without completely covering it, such as a braid or a low ponytail. This part of the body is sure to be the centre of attention.

A fairy-tale princess dress: go for romance

Have you gone for a real princess dress which is cinched in at the waist with a full skirt so that you can twirl around like in a fairy tale? A romantic chignon is a must to show off your décolleté and to give you a charming look. Top it off with some hair jewellery to complete the look.

A mermaid dress: go for waves

With a sheath dress which hugs your curves, a scraped-back hairstyle held in place with hairpins will give you an overly austere look. Instead, opt for wavy locks which perfectly match the shapely lines of your outfit, or an understated up-do with just a few stands framing your face. What’s the aim here? To give you as natural a look as possible.

A Bohemian dress: go for a bucolic feel

To enhance this type of outfit, you cannot beat loose wavy locks decorated with a few fresh flowers or mini braids. A braided crown and de-styled looks are also perfect for this hippie chic style, ideal for creating a less standard version of the chignon.

A one-shoulder dress: balance out your figure

To enhance an asymmetrical dress, side-swept hair is perfect and gives you multiple options: a chignon, braid, ponytail or even loose locks. Wear your hair swept over to the opposite side of the sleeve or strap for a glamorous effect.

A mainstream dress: let your hair down

If the boat neckline of your dress covers your shoulders, a chignon or a sophisticated up-do are possible options, however they give you a very mainstream look. Go instead for a pretty on-trend braid, a rock chick hairstyle or loose locks to which your hairdresser can add texture, to create more volume. The idea is to contrast your dress with a modern touch.

A low-cut dress: divert the attention

To carry off a low-cut wedding dress in style, divert the attention to your hairstyle instead. Rule out loose locks which tumble down either side of your chest, weighing down the outfit. Opt for an oversized high curly chignon. If your hair is too short to create the required volume, your hairdresser will pin your curled hair to a foam donut.

Our tip: Test out several hairstyles before the big day so that you are 100% happy with your choice.

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