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Our tips for protecting your hair in summer
Our tips for protecting your hair in summer

Our tips for protecting your hair in summer

Summer is full of all kinds of seasonal pleasures that lift our spirits, like spending time at the beach in the sunshine or going for a swim in the pool. But for our hair, it's another story! The sun's rays, sand, salt and chlorine can damage our hair and make it fragile. So it's important to adapt your haircare routine during the summer season to keep your hair in perfect health.

Keep it gentle

It's very simple, the main thing to keep in mind in summertime is to make sure you rinse your hair after a dip in the pool or the sea to get rid of the chlorine or salt residue. And when washing your hair, choose a gentle, natural shampoo that will cleanse your hair but won't strip away the protective sebum.

Hair masks that make all the difference

During the summer season, hair oils, sprays or creams can protect our hair on a daily basis: apply before and after exposing your hair to anything potentially damaging. It's a good idea to use a product containing wax, which coats the hair, and shea butter, which hydrates and protects the hair from UV rays. An ideal product that's easy to take with you is the spray GO 10 in 1 by Jean Louis David. It accompanies you everywhere, protecting your hair from external damage and keeping it hydrated all day long.

After cleansing with shampoo, you need to repair and deeply nourish the fibres with conditioner and hair masks that are suited to the task. Oils extracted from coconut, avocado and raspberry pips are your best allies here. As a final touch, the Elixir GO SHINE by Jean Louis David brings a dose of vitality and shine to your hair.

Hairstyles and accessories that protect your hair

Hairbands, scarves, wraps and hats will help protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun and the heat, as well as bringing a fashionable touch to your summer outfits! And a bun or a plait can protect your hair from breakage at the tips – there's no limit to the ways in which you can reinvent these hairstyles each day throughout the glorious summer season.


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