Jean Louis David Style Bar: the end of bad hair days!

Party of the year? Meet-up of the century? Huge gathering? Job interview? There are so many occasions which can leave you feeling unprepared and flustered when it comes to your hair. Don’t panic! Jean Louis David salons are here to help. Say hello to the Style Bar!
This super-quick styling service, named the Style Bar, means you can get the style of your dreams in just 15 minutes, for only 15 euros. Whether you want straight hair, flowing curls or even a side braid, the Style Bar allows you to get any on-trend style you want in just a few minutes. So, what are you feeling in the mood for today? Some Speedy Curls, Speedy Blow-Dry or a Speedy Up-do? Just choose your favourite!
How does it work, we hear you ask? Just turn up without an appointment to your nearest Jean Louis David salon with clean, washed hair and simply choose a style. Our stylists will take it from there.

  1. Hair is freshened with a blast of Redken dry shampoo which gives the hair texture and keeps your style in place longer
  2. Styling tools are used to create your desired look for a super-quick result
  3. The final touches are added using products from the Urban Style range: hold, shine and finishing products will get you all set to go.

Get your new hairstyle without even having to book in a lengthy wash and cut appointment by using the new Style Bar by Jean Louis David. Kiss goodbye to those bad hair days!
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A hairstyle for the same price as a posh cocktail? What’s not to love!
Jean Louis David uses Redken products.