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 How can I protect my curls from the cold?
How can I protect my curls from the cold?

How can I protect my curls from the cold?

Don't let winter seize your curly hair in its icy grip. Come wind, rain or snow, keep your curls in tip top shape from the first frost with the right haircare routine.

How does winter damage curly hair?

Every winter it's the same story, as soon as the cold sets in, our curls begin to look miserable. Curly hair is often quite dry and fragile to begin with, so it tends to suffer from the effects of low temperatures, dry air and static electricity. The cold dries the hair out and makes the hair fibre more fragile. Curls become brittle and dull, with the added bonus of deflated volume and frizz galore. In order to face winter head on, without batting an eyelid, curly hair needs particular attention and tailored products.

What haircare routine helps curly hair in winter?

To stop winter from damaging our curls, we need treatments that deeply nourish, fortify and hydrate our hair. This prevents dehydration of the hair fibre and lessens the impact of exterior aggressions. Use the Jean Louis David Go Shine range with a nourishing shampoo and a regenerating mask suitable for curly hair. After washing, to give your curls some spring, use the Jean Louis David Go Shine Perfect Curls leave-in conditioner applied with your fingertips and mixed with a drop of Jean Louis David Go Style Nutri Sérum to give it shine.

Tips for pampering your curls

As well as the cold, there are a couple of other things in winter that curly hair doesn't appreciate: woolly hats and hairdryers! To keep warm when out and about, opt for a headband rather than a woolly hat, as the latter tends to squash curls and make hair static. When drying your hair, use a diffuser and warm rather than hot air, and go gently on your curls.


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