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SectionStyles and trends

Catch all the latest runway trends and styles from Fashion Weeks all over the globe, right here! IT-hairstyles, new colour trends and futuristic cuts from every season are explained just for you. Take inspiration from our streetstyle finds or simply re-create their looks for yourself. Make sure you're up to date with coordinating accessories and outfits to nail your desired look. Finally, you'll find occasion hairstyles for all types of events, from weddings to interviews and birthdays.

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The Wild Mane, a trend for 2022?
Styles and trends
The Wild Mane, a trend for 2022?

What if we let our hair go wild this winter? Tangled and dishevelled manes result in a sexy and rebellious look! For 2022, we're going to branch out and let our hair, which is often dressed to the nines, slum it a little! Leave your combs, brushes and straighteners in the cupboard, it's time to give your hair a much-needed break. Your hair will...

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