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Are you a big fan of colouring your hair? If so, you are most likely familiar with the same old ordeal every month: your roots starting to show as soon as your hair grows out.

Ideally, you should get them touched up at the salon every six weeks so that they don't show too much. However, when short on time or money, lots of women postpone their trip to the hairdresser. The result: your roots grow out and become more visible. Luckily, this is the current trend! However, the greater the contrast between your base and the colouring treatment, the more your roots are visible and the harder it will be to live with between colouring treatments.

The best way to blend in the demarcation between your coloured hair and natural roots is a tone-on-tone colouring treatment. This will gradually fade and will help prevent that unsightly 'dark roots look'. Fortunately, there are solutions for those who do not wish to change their hair colouring habits.

To conceal your roots whilst waiting for your next colouring treatment, you have several options:

- use clever accessories (such as a headband to conceal your roots in the blink of an eye)

- choose smart hairstyles to make your roots go unnoticed

- curl your locks to blur the demarcation lines by creating movement in your hair

- tie up your locks with a slicked-back look at the front to make the section of growing-out roots look smaller

In this feature article, you will find all of our advice on how to best deal with your roots between colouring treatments and styling tips on how to conceal them!

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A symbol of Hollywood glamour, highly on trend this Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 and with a feminine rock chick look, platinum blonde is THE hair colour to ask your colourist for this season.

The only slight drawback: although it is perfect for light bases which can be lightened to an extreme shade of blonde without any real risks, unfeasible for those with dark hair. Why? Because your hair will be subject to multiple and successive bleaching which will end up damaging your locks. It is not worth sacrificing your hair's health for a fad! If you really want to go platinum blonde against our advice, it is best to try it on short hair as you will have to pamper your hair intensively once it is coloured.

Are you one of the lucky ones who can try out platinum blonde without damaging their locks? If so, you should still be aware that this colour, which is full of character, requires a lot of upkeep to prevent your hair from weakening and developing undesirable highlights. As for shy ladies, they will now have to fully embrace all the attention they will get as platinum blond doesn't go unnoticed.

If you are unfazed by all that, don't wait any longer - go for a new look with this radical shade of blond. It is perfect for giving a feminine touch to a tomboy look or putting a twist on a bowl cut, both of which are flagship trends for Autumn-Winter 2017/2018. Another option with this blond: the platinum bob. The bob + platinum blond colouring combo works wonders and gives you a perfect rock'n'chic look which is highly on trend right now.

In this feature, you will find all our advice as to whether platinum blond is for you and how to adopt it!

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