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Long relegated to the playground, plaits are now making a huge comeback. From the catwalk to the high street, top fashionistas have been using them to style their hair for several seasons now. Traditional, bohemian, sophisticated, loose, sleek, tightly braided... Plaits now offer you lots of possibilities and adapt to suit all occasions. Do you have to go to the office and are in a rush? The braided half-ponytail is sure to impress your colleagues. Got a romantic date? Consider a fishtail braid. Got a wedding coming up? The elegant braided crown is just what you need. As you can see, plaits can be worn on a daily basis, no matter what your hair type and length.

It might sound surprising, but there is no need to have XXL locks to braid your hair. A plaited front section is perfect for short and mid-length cuts. If you are worried about how to go about creating one, our video tutorials will guide you step-by-step. Once you've mastered the techniques, you can then personalise your braids according to your desired look. Flowers, headbands or even strips of fabric will add a wonderful twist to any hairstyle. There is only one watchword: express your creativity, as with braids anything goes! Proof being that even men can give them a go with "man braids". An essential hair trend which has inspired a huge following.

In this dossier, you will find all you have ever wanted to know about plaits: advice, tutorials and an in-depth look at trends...

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Fragile in nature and often limp and lifeless, is your fine hair making your life difficult? Rest assured, your locks are not a lost cause! You simply need to take a few measures to prevent your hair from causing you problems.

Regarding your haircut, opt for a short style. A long bob, chin-length hair or a boyish pixie style are the dream haircuts to minimise how fine your hair looks. The same goes for men: the shorter the haircut the better! Whatever your hair's length, layers are an excellent option for creating more volume, providing they are put in carefully so as to not thin out the hair too much. Otherwise, this might make your hair more brittle. Furthermore, do not deprive yourself of a fringe - if you choose the right one it can work wonders and make your locks look thicker.

As for products, choose them wisely by opting for targeted formulations which can boost volume from the very first wash! Not forgetting a lightweight mask which will nourish your hair without weighing it down. Moreover, do not overlook the importance of a colouring treatment! An array of shades can add depth to the cut for hair that looks full of body. Finally, go for hairstyles which are perfectly suited to your hair type: a wavy blow-dried style which gives you bigger hair than a classic blow-dry; a half-ponytail with a quiff, rather than a slicked-back look; or curls rather then straightened locks... Consider cheating with styling products which coat and thicken the hair fibre. They give your locks extra hold. Furthermore, dare to try out accessories such as foam donuts which can create a hairstyle full of volume in the blink of an eye. Clever!

In this feature check out all our tips for enhancing your fine hair!

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Going for a swim at the beach or in the pool or having a few naps in the sun: in summer your daily routine changes.... As should your hair regime! Whatever you do, don't let your hair get damaged by UV rays, sand, salt and chlorine which dry out and weaken your locks. Instead, you can opt for an array of targeted treatments to protect and take care of your hair.

What's the star haircare product to use this summer? Sun protection gel of course! Yes, the sun does boost keratin production and promote growth whilst giving your locks pretty golden highlights. However, in high doses, it damages your hair just as much as it does your skin. Prevent any unpleasant surprises in autumn by using a treatment which is able to block out UV rays.

And to complete your hair regime this summer season, more than ever choose a shampoo suited to frequent washes (with a mild formulation) and treatments targeted to your hair type to keep your locks looking their best. Is your hair dry, fine or long and therefore more fragile? Swap your hydrating treatments for highly nourishing products. They minimise the impact of the constant onslaught your hair is subject to, helping to prevent the 'straw effect'. Are you a fan of colouring treatments? Opt for formulations rich in vitamins to bond the pigments to the hair fibre and to prevent your colour from washing out. Finally, deal with your greasy roots problem which is aggravated by the heat: a re-balancing treatment is a must during the summer months.

In this feature, you will find all of our advice on choosing the right hair treatments this summer!

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Do you wish to get a bob cut, but never do things by halves so have decided to go for the short version? Before saying goodbye to your locks, make sure you are prepared to live with your new look, as a short bob means that you need to be disciplined about upkeep. If getting regular touch-ups at the salon to keep your cut looking flawless does not bother you, go ahead and take the plunge!

The short bob has got everything going for it to give you a great new look, provided the style is carefully chosen to enhance your features and your hair type. Unstructured or layered versions prevent your bob from getting that dense 'helmet head' effect and they can add volume to fine hair and boost the bounce of natural curls. Playing with different lengths can work wonders, no matter what your desired look! A-line or asymmetrical versions create a bolder look. The short bob is ideal for adding character to finer features. It also gives the timeless bob cut a modern and daring edge. Ultra-short blunt versions create an irresistibly retro style which flatters oval face shapes and goes wonderfully with square jaws, further enhancing their androgynous look. With the added a twist of a fringe, the bob becomes structured. This is perfect way to conceal a large forehead in the blink of an eye.

Once you have found the perfect short bob, it is down to you to try out lots of different hairstyles. Dare to try out glamorous curls, a wavy rock chick vibe or a wet look which will completely transform your hairstyle.

As for anyone who is still undecided, there is still the faux bob which you can rock whenever you fancy.

In this feature, you will find all of our advice on choosing the perfect short bob for you!

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Are you a big fan of colouring your hair? If so, you are most likely familiar with the same old ordeal every month: your roots starting to show as soon as your hair grows out.

Ideally, you should get them touched up at the salon every six weeks so that they don't show too much. However, when short on time or money, lots of women postpone their trip to the hairdresser. The result: your roots grow out and become more visible. Luckily, this is the current trend! However, the greater the contrast between your base and the colouring treatment, the more your roots are visible and the harder it will be to live with between colouring treatments.

The best way to blend in the demarcation between your coloured hair and natural roots is a tone-on-tone colouring treatment. This will gradually fade and will help prevent that unsightly 'dark roots look'. Fortunately, there are solutions for those who do not wish to change their hair colouring habits.

To conceal your roots whilst waiting for your next colouring treatment, you have several options:

- use clever accessories (such as a headband to conceal your roots in the blink of an eye)

- choose smart hairstyles to make your roots go unnoticed

- curl your locks to blur the demarcation lines by creating movement in your hair

- tie up your locks with a slicked-back look at the front to make the section of growing-out roots look smaller

In this feature article, you will find all of our advice on how to best deal with your roots between colouring treatments and styling tips on how to conceal them!

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You can't beat beautiful brown locks for adding character to your face and making your personality stand out. Fortunately, brunette offers you a wide range of shades to choose from, going from light chestnut to ebony brown. They are all completely different, from radiant and sun-kissed to intense and deep, and amongst them you are sure to find the perfect one to bring out your character.

If your hair is naturally brown, it will perfectly match your complexion and eye colour. You just need to enhance it with a few highlights to show off luminous locks full of contrasts. Pump up the shine! Tone-on-tone highlights and honey streaks will inject a flash of light into your locks.

To become a brunette or just to change your look, make sure you choose a shade which is not too far removed from your base colour for a result that looks right. The idea being to enhance the colour of your eyes and your complexion to give you a radiant glow. A hazelnut hair colouring with golden highlights or a caramel balayage verging on blond is perfect for illuminating your locks and warming up a light chestnut or medium brown base. However, an indulgent chocolate colouring or ash shades on a darker base with a cool ice brown or mocha can prove to be ultra-sophisticated. As for darker bases, brave ebony brown, partway between brown and black, whose mysterious and captivating aura will give you a surefire femme fatale look.

In this feature, you can find the perfect shade of brown to suit you!

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A symbol of Hollywood glamour, highly on trend this Autumn-Winter 2017-2018 and with a feminine rock chick look, platinum blonde is THE hair colour to ask your colourist for this season.

The only slight drawback: although it is perfect for light bases which can be lightened to an extreme shade of blonde without any real risks, unfeasible for those with dark hair. Why? Because your hair will be subject to multiple and successive bleaching which will end up damaging your locks. It is not worth sacrificing your hair's health for a fad! If you really want to go platinum blonde against our advice, it is best to try it on short hair as you will have to pamper your hair intensively once it is coloured.

Are you one of the lucky ones who can try out platinum blonde without damaging their locks? If so, you should still be aware that this colour, which is full of character, requires a lot of upkeep to prevent your hair from weakening and developing undesirable highlights. As for shy ladies, they will now have to fully embrace all the attention they will get as platinum blond doesn't go unnoticed.

If you are unfazed by all that, don't wait any longer - go for a new look with this radical shade of blond. It is perfect for giving a feminine touch to a tomboy look or putting a twist on a bowl cut, both of which are flagship trends for Autumn-Winter 2017/2018. Another option with this blond: the platinum bob. The bob + platinum blond colouring combo works wonders and gives you a perfect rock'n'chic look which is highly on trend right now.

In this feature, you will find all our advice as to whether platinum blond is for you and how to adopt it!

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Do you want to change your look but are unsure which haircut to go for? Before you opt for one of this season's latest hairstyles, learn how to find the perfect haircut to suit your hair type. In fact, that is the main criterion you should take into consideration for getting a result you are happy with, as all haircuts vary in terms of how much they tame your locks, add volume to fine hair or respect the natural bounce of curly hair.

Once you are aware of the range of hairstyles available, it is down to you to choose your favourite one depending on the current length of your hair, and also how drastic a change you want to go for (subtle or radical). Are you a fan of casual looks? Opt for a classic short cut or keep your hair slightly longer to try one of the haircuts specifically designed for mid-length locks. Are you daring and ready to go for an ultra-short haircut? Do not hesitate any longer! Military haircuts are more on-trend than ever. However, do not opt for a bowl haircut or the flat-top without consulting a professional beforehand, as both of these haircuts are limiting in terms of styling options. Consequently it is better to be sure they will suit the shape of your face before taking the plunge.

Finally, if you have stopped shaving a while ago to get a bearded hipster look or you have to wear glasses on a daily basis, consider these two elements (style of beard + frames) before your hairdresser is let loose on your locks.

In this case file you will find all of our tips and styling ideas to ensure you choose the right haircut!

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You can't beat a fringe for giving you a new look without touching the length of your hair or going for a new colour. It reinvents any haircut in endless different ways to give you a couture, chic or rock chick look. However, one tip before you give in to getting the chop: Make sure you are ready to fully embrace it and keep it looking good on a daily basis.

Are you unsure whether you want to wear a fringe every day? Then opt for a faux fringe! This alternative method uses styling techniques to cheat your way to a fringe without getting your hair cut. Wear it whenever you want depending on the hairstyles you wish to create!

Have you decided to take the plunge? There are several types of fringe out there to choose from. So whatever you do, don't just pick one at random, as the idea is for it to enhance your features. Make your decision depending on your desired look and current trends, of course, but also the shape of your face, texture and length of your hair. That's the key to carrying off a fringe well.

Curtain bangs to suit all hair types, straight and curved to enhance thick locks, long to suit your curls' natural bounce, mini for maximum originality or even thinned-out and styled to the side for a hairstyle which is easy to wear on a daily basis: fringes come in all lengths and styles.

Once you've had your fringe cut at the salon, it is down to you to shape it every morning with a brush or straighteners. You can also style it depending on the occasion, for example with retro victory rolls. Finally, don't forget to choose your make-up carefully, as your fringe will draw attention to your eyes.

In this dossier you will find all our top tips on carrying off a fringe well and keeping it looking good once you have taken the plunge!

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