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Opt for a headband, the perfect accessory for a wedding hairstyle.
Opt for a headband, the perfect accessory for a wedding hairstyle.
Opt for a headband, the perfect accessory for a wedding hairstyle.
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Wedding hairstyle: how to wear a headband?


Sophisticated, boho, romantic... the headband is THE it-accessory for all future brides. Perfect for adding a finishing touch to a look, it can be worn as a crown, placed in the middle of your forehead or quite simply worn as a headband. Read on to find out our advice for styling your hair on the big day.

Worn as a crown for a romantic style

If you want to keep the hair out of your face, place your headband at your roots. To discreetly fix it, use flat hairpins (perfect for keeping your hair back all throughout the day). As for your hairstyle, you have carte blanche: you can either wear your hair up or down. A top look? Create a romantic half-ponytail to remain within the theme. You will obtain a fashionable hairstyle every time without fail!

For the day of your wedding, opt for a chunky floral XXL headband which has been highly on trend for several seasons. It's the perfect occasion to show off a 100% romantic style! As for make-up, opt for a fresh, natural look so everything remains coherent.

Worn in the middle of your forehead for a bohemian look

Do you have mid-length to long hair? Place your headband in the middle of your forehead for a minimalistic and effective look. First of all, create a wavy effect in your locks. To achieve this, apply thermo-active treatment, then create curls using straighteners . Once your hair has cooled down, work with the curls using your fingers: a great technique for obtaining a floaty, more natural effect.

Once your headband is in place, fix it all with hairspray to guarantee maximum hold. This hairstyle will give you a hippie-chic style or a boho look to die for!

Worn as a headband for a princess look

You are undeniably the star of your wedding... so it is the perfect occasion to play princess with an accessory worthy of your status! When it comes to styling, you have several options. Our advice? Go for a rhinestone studded, sparkly or pearly headband, placing it just above your chignon in a headband style. The bandeau will flatten down your roots whilst embellishing your hairstyle in a highly sophisticated way.

If for the big day you still don't know which style of chignon to go for, discover these 3 on trend ideas which are bound to enhance your look .

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