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Find out more about the faux bun, the new Style Bar hairstyle
Find out more about the faux bun, the new Style Bar hairstyle
Find out more about the faux bun, the new Style Bar hairstyle
Autumn-Winter collection

The faux bun is getting everyone talking


A new flagship hairstyle from the Style Bar, the faux bun comes in several different versions. At Jean Louis David, it is an extremely sophisticated look which makes you the belle of the ball for evenings out.

If in between trying out the banana chignon and the bun, you wish to give yourself a new sophisticated look, the "faux bun" could be perfect for you! Created in 15 mins for 15 euros in Jean Louis David's Style Bar, this look can save the day, even at the last minute.

What is it?

The faux bun uses a classic bun technique, however, only a section of hair from the back of your head is used to form a ponytail. At Jean Louis David, the strands are intertwined to form a small, unusual and sophisticated chignon. The rest of the hair is straightened and falls down naturally to add movement to the hairstyle. If your locks are very thick, blow-dry styling may be needed to tame them, ensuring that the bun itself doesn't have too much volume.

Who is it for?

Although the faux bun can suit mid-length hair, it looks to best effect on long, fully straightened hair. For blondes, brunettes or redheads, it shows off all hair colours and complexions to perfection. To enhance this look, wear it with a backless or a low-back dress to elegantly highlight the nape of your neck. Note: if you are not very tall, consider combining it with high heels to balance out the whole look.

Its advantages

Besides being created in no time at all in the Style Bar, the faux bun, halfway between a chignon and a ponytail, keeps the hair out of your face and partly reveals the nape of your neck. As a result, it gives all women regal elegance as they hold their head up high.

When should you wear it?

This styled version is perfect for evenings out, and even for dancing the night away.

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by Jean Louis David

By Jean Louis David

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