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The dossier: which hairstyle for a wedding ceremony?


The dossier: which hairstyle for a wedding ceremony?

For a wedding ceremony, the hairstyle holds just as much importance as the outfit. Brides are sure to agree as they frantically skim through magazines and browse social networks in search of inspiration for the big day. A sophisticated chignon? Bohemian braids? Glamorous side-swept locks? It's not easy to find your way through all of the different options out there. If this is the case for you, here is the one watchword you need to keep in mind: harmony. Your hairstyle must go perfectly with the cut and style of your chosen dress. To get creative with your style, feel free to play with accessories. Floral crowns, headbands, clips, fascinators ... there is an accessory to suit every taste, and put the icing on the (wedding) cake. All these are highly on-trend; just what you need to say "I do" in style!

However, the bride is not the only one who has to worry about her hairstyle. Whatever the type of ceremony the bridesmaids, witnesses, mother of the bride and guests will all need to consider carefully which look to go for to get dressed up for the big day. Have you received a wedding invitation? Before rushing headlong to the salon, make sure you choose a hairstyle that is in keeping with the theme of the reception. Neither too extravagant nor too casual, the hairstyle you choose should enhance your look without outshining the bride. Although that would take some doing, it is still essential to strike the right balance, therefore, it's best to plan and search for your look in advance. Fortunately, we have compiled a dossier of all our tips and advice on finding the ideal hairstyle for a wedding ceremony!


How can I create a rock bride hairstyle?
How can I create a rock bride hairstyle?

The days are going by and you are still looking for a rock hairstyle which will enhance your features on the most wonderful day of your life. With our expert's advice, find a hairstyle which is perfect for you! What makes a rock hairstyle? "Going for a rock style is above all about spirit and attitude... It's daring to mix things up, to be free...

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Fragile in nature and often limp and lifeless, is your fine hair making your life difficult? Rest assured, your locks are not a lost cause! You simply need to take a few measures to prevent your hair from causing you problems.

Regarding your haircut, opt for a short style. A long bob, chin-length hair or a boyish pixie style are the dream haircuts to minimise how fine your hair looks. The same goes for men: the shorter the haircut the better! Whatever your hair's length, layers are an excellent option for creating more volume, providing they are put in carefully so as to not thin out the hair too much. Otherwise, this might make your hair more brittle. Furthermore, do not deprive yourself of a fringe - if you choose the right one it can work wonders and make your locks look thicker.

As for products, choose them wisely by opting for targeted formulations which can boost volume from the very first wash! Not forgetting a lightweight mask which will nourish your hair without weighing it down. Moreover, do not overlook the importance of a colouring treatment! An array of shades can add depth to the cut for hair that looks full of body. Finally, go for hairstyles which are perfectly suited to your hair type: a wavy blow-dried style which gives you bigger hair than a classic blow-dry; a half-ponytail with a quiff, rather than a slicked-back look; or curls rather then straightened locks... Consider cheating with styling products which coat and thicken the hair fibre. They give your locks extra hold. Furthermore, dare to try out accessories such as foam donuts which can create a hairstyle full of volume in the blink of an eye. Clever!

In this feature check out all our tips for enhancing your fine hair!

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Although your friends are envious of your voluminous hair, some mornings you would gladly trade it in for flat locks. Dryness, frizz, untameable volume... It does come with minor annoyances that makes your life difficult. However, rest assured, your hair is not a lost cause. There are lots of tips to get your thick hair back in tip-top condition and full of vitality once more.

Start by choosing a haircut suited to your hair type. Say goodbye to ultra-short haircuts at the risk of ending up with a rather unflattering "helmet hair" effect, and layers which pump up the volume. Instead opt for thinned-out haircuts, which are ideal for reducing the thickness. Would you like a fringe? No problem, as long as it helps reduce the volume of the whole hairstyle, such as a curtain fringe. Once styled to your satisfaction, it's time to take care of your thick hair, which generally tends to be very dry. Try-out detangling products, masks and other nourishing treatments. If despite their density your locks are not lacking in hydration, use pH neutral shampoos and conditioners. The important thing is to tailor your haircare regime to your hair type. If you have thick hair, there is always one saying: be generous with the amount of product you apply so you can properly spread it out over the entirety of your hair. The very important final step: detangling. Due to its high density, thick hair is prone to knots. A wide tooth comb will help you do the job much more easily.

In this feature article you will find even more advice on how to enhance your thick hair.

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Long relegated to the playground, plaits are now making a huge comeback. From the catwalk to the high street, top fashionistas have been using them to style their hair for several seasons now. Traditional, bohemian, sophisticated, loose, sleek, tightly braided... Plaits now offer you lots of possibilities and adapt to suit all occasions. Do you have to go to the office and are in a rush? The braided half-ponytail is sure to impress your colleagues. Got a romantic date? Consider a fishtail braid. Got a wedding coming up? The elegant braided crown is just what you need. As you can see, plaits can be worn on a daily basis, no matter what your hair type and length.

It might sound surprising, but there is no need to have XXL locks to braid your hair. A plaited front section is perfect for short and mid-length cuts. If you are worried about how to go about creating one, our video tutorials will guide you step-by-step. Once you've mastered the techniques, you can then personalise your braids according to your desired look. Flowers, headbands or even strips of fabric will add a wonderful twist to any hairstyle. There is only one watchword: express your creativity, as with braids anything goes! Proof being that even men can give them a go with "man braids". An essential hair trend which has inspired a huge following.

In this dossier, you will find all you have ever wanted to know about plaits: advice, tutorials and an in-depth look at trends...

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