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Shedding light on the Style Bar's braided ballerina bun
Shedding light on the Style Bar's braided ballerina bun
Shedding light on the Style Bar's braided ballerina bun

Shedding light on the Style Bar's braided ballerina bun


This season, Jean Louis David is going for romanticism with the braided ballerina bun. Just what you need to freshen up this iconic hairstyle in 15 minutes flat!

In its standard or modern versions, this hairstyle which has transcended the ages is constantly being reinvented. First the highly original asymmetric bun, now make way for the Bohemian version: the braided ballerina bun.

The braided ballerina bun: what does it consist of?

It is a voluminous ballerina bun around which a sleek braid is gently wrapped. First, your hairdresser will mark out a side part which they will braid using the African braid technique. Then comes the key step for creating the hairstyle: forming a de-styled chignon. Yep - this hairstyle is all about the textured effect. A top tip? Create a loose ponytail without incorporating the braid, then twist it and wrap it around itself. This is how your ballerina bun takes shape. All you need do now is hold it in place using flat hairpins and wrap your braid around it. There you have it: a hairstyle to turn all your friends green with envy!

Who is it for?

Suitable for women with long to mid-length hair, this floaty hairstyle is perfect for those who wish to adopt a "cowgirl" look straight off the prairies.

Its advantages

Elegant without being overly sophisticated, this chignon adds a very feminine touch to any look.

What occasions does it suit?

It's ideal for a date, of course! The braided ballerina bun is THE hairstyle which will be a hit with that special someone. With this hairstyle, you can be sure that he will have eyes only for you.

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