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My Christmas hairstyle
My Christmas hairstyle
My Christmas hairstyle

My Christmas hairstyle

Christmas parties, fairy lights, mouth-watering treats and festive spirit. Christmas is the time of year for the whole family to gather around an open fire and gives us the chance to show that we’ve been very good all year round and deserve to be spoilt!
So take some inspiration from the up-dos of Ellie Saab’s haute couture catwalk and go for a chic style that is both innocent and romantic. Keep your make-up natural and go for gold with your Christmas party outfits!
To create this style, wash your hair on Christmas Eve so that it’s easier to work with. Straighten your hair then create a centre parting. Take a section of hair from either side of your parting at the front of your hair. It’s up to you how big you make these sections, depending on the result you’re after.
Now plait these sections of hair into a French braid, either nice and tight or slightly looser for a more bohemian effect. Braid right down to the ends and then move on to the lengths you’ve left free, working them into a cute braided chignon!
 © Pixelformula / Elie Saab haute couture show, Autumn-Winter 2012 © Jean Louis David
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