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Find out how to create the ultra-sleek and shiny hairstyles from the Iconic collection
Find out how to create the ultra-sleek and shiny hairstyles from the Iconic collection
Find out how to create the ultra-sleek and shiny hairstyles from the Iconic collection
Autumn-Winter collection

Jean Louis David Autumn-Winter 2017/2018: the ultra-straight and sleek hairstyle


A major trend from the new Iconic collection, ultra-straight and shiny locks are giving a twist to this season's short haircuts. Here are 3 ways to adopt this sleek look using Jean Louis David's styling products.

Blow-dry wax styling

Styling the tomboy haircut with perfectly straightened and half slicked-back locks gives you an irresistible boyish style with its dual-textured effect by playing with straightening techniques.

To create this look, pre-dry your locks in all directions with the hairdryer and then style your hair with a flat brush in what's known as the Mexican technique to minimise the volume. To do this, straighten your hair strand by strand from the roots, extending down to the tips. Your hair dryer should follow the upwards and downwards movement of the brush. Then flatten down the sides of the hairstyle using Shine Wax , a sculpting wax which fixes the strands whilst giving them a shiny finish. Finally, finish off the hairstyle with a few squirts of Design Spray, a fixing and texturizing product which adds volume on top to the straightened look.

A straightened look enhanced by a veil of shine

To shape the bowl cut from the Iconic collection and to create this must-have bubble effect, Jean Louis David has opted for an ultra-sleek hairstyle created using straighteners.

To recreate this look at home, apply a small amount of Design Spray strand by strand all over your pre-dried locks. Thanks to this 2-in-1 product, which adds depth and ultimate shine to your hair, you can create extreme straightening whilst preserving the curved volume. This is because the effectiveness is amplified by using a heat source, such as your straighteners. All you need to do is straighten your hair to style your bowl cut. Then spray on Shine Spray as a finishing touch, which will place a veil of gloss over your locks to give your hairstyle some extra shine.

An ultra-sleek and shiny hairstyle using smoothing mist

Another variation of the tomboy hairstyle is perfect straightening coupled with a shiny effect to showcase any subtle details of the haircut.

To create this look, try Jean Louis David's smoothing mist which protects your hair from humidity for a long-lasting smoothing effect. It also acts as a varnish on the hair fibres to boost the shine. Apply it to damp hair and then detangle your locks using a flat brush to disperse the product. Then move onto styling by straightening your locks strand by strand, either with a round brush and a hair dryer, or with straighteners for impeccably smooth, glossy locks.

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by Jean Louis David

By Jean Louis David

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