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How to maintain your colouring


How to maintain your colouring

That's it... You finally found the colour of your dreams. After going to your stylist, you have healthy length and shiny highlights. To keep these effects for a long time, you must learn to maintain your colour! Identify daily actions you can do to keep your colour longer.

Also discover the ideal care for your hair type and your chosen colour. Whether summer or winter, coloured tresses need care. However, the steps vary with the seasons. Therefore it is important to identify essential steps! Weekly care or daily maintenance, learn to treat your hair well for exceptional effects. Between salon visits and your favourite at-home products, keep your colour. Whether you are a new brunette, blonde, redhead, or decide to go for highlights at the front!

With Jean Louis David's tips, your locks remain bright for longer.


Only the Best for My Coloured Hair
Hair care
Only the Best for My Coloured Hair

To keep coloured, streaked or highlighted hair both shiny and soft, a hair care regime is a must. Follow these simple guidelines from our professionals and enjoy your coloured hair forever!  In order to keep your colour bright, a visit to your hairdresser is essential! “Ideally you should go every three or four months for streaked and...