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Honey, chocolate, hazelnut, ash: a review of different shades of brown


Honey, chocolate, hazelnut, ash: a review of different shades of brown

You can't beat beautiful brown locks for adding character to your face and making your personality stand out. Fortunately, brunette offers you a wide range of shades to choose from, going from light chestnut to ebony brown. They are all completely different, from radiant and sun-kissed to intense and deep, and amongst them you are sure to find the perfect one to bring out your character.

If your hair is naturally brown, it will perfectly match your complexion and eye colour. You just need to enhance it with a few highlights to show off luminous locks full of contrasts. Pump up the shine! Tone-on-tone highlights and honey streaks will inject a flash of light into your locks.

To become a brunette or just to change your look, make sure you choose a shade which is not too far removed from your base colour for a result that looks right. The idea being to enhance the colour of your eyes and your complexion to give you a radiant glow. A hazelnut hair colouring with golden highlights or a caramel balayage verging on blond is perfect for illuminating your locks and warming up a light chestnut or medium brown base. However, an indulgent chocolate colouring or ash shades on a darker base with a cool ice brown or mocha can prove to be ultra-sophisticated. As for darker bases, brave ebony brown, partway between brown and black, whose mysterious and captivating aura will give you a surefire femme fatale look.

In this feature, you can find the perfect shade of brown to suit you!


Make-up for cool brown locks
Styles and trends
Make-up for cool brown locks

Cool brown hair tones are the must-have hair color for autumn-winter this year. Thinking about changing your shade, or already been to the salon to get your new look? You now need to start thinking about which make-up trends will best accompany your new style. Make sure your make-up compliments your cool-brown shade with our expert...