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Home hair colouring
Home hair colouring

Home hair coloring: how do I do it successfully?

That's it, you feel ready to color your hair all by yourself at home...Before giving it a go, check out our advice and tips to successfully take the plunge.

Carefully choose your color

Above all, choose a tone based on your original color. Then look at the packaging to have a glimpse at the final result. By doing this, you will avoid having any bad surprises. It is also advisable to choose a color one or two shades lighter or darker than your hair so it's as natural as possible. If you are envisaging a radical change which would need to be bleached several times, don't take any risks and head straight for the hair salon! This kind of technique requires professional work.

Opt for a color suited to your needs

Firstly, choose the texture which suits you the most: mousse (ultra-practical application) or liquid (precise application). If you wish to obtain a lovely luminous shine, opt for temporary hair coloring which will fade out gradually over time as you shampoo your hair. Rely on tone-on-tone coloring to boost your hair's shine. Alternatively, opt for permanent hair coloring to completely change the color or to conceal any gray hairs. Finally, don't forget that the quantity of the product needed to color your hair varies according to your hair's length and thickness.

Always follow the instructions

First of all, protect the skin around your head with hydrating cream to prevent any smudges. Check to see if the product is meant to be applied on dry or damp hear, then you can start. Take the utensils out of the packet and place them so they are all within easy reach. Then work strand by strand applying the color from the roots to the tips. Do the hairline last as small pieces of hair tend to react more quickly to the product. Above all, follow the instructions to the letter regarding how long you should leave it on for.

Opt for targeted treatments!

Once your color has been applied, maintain it with products from the Color Therapy range. Two to three times a week, wash your hair with Color Intense shampoo to revive its shine and preserve its vitality. Finally, if you are not satisfied with the result, don't color your hair by yourself again afterwards. Go to your hairdressers who will be your best bet for rectifying it.


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