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Go for the new rock chick chignon from the Style Bar
Go for the new rock chick chignon from the Style Bar
Go for the new rock chick chignon from the Style Bar
Style Bar

Focus on the asymmetric chignon from Jean Louis David's Style Bar


This season, the Jean Louis David Style Bar is giving the chignon from its Iconic collection pride of place. Modern and original, the asymmetrical chignon is giving a twist to this classic hairstyle with a rock chick rebellious style. We take a closer look.

Without shampoo or a haircut, give a rock style to your locks in 15 minutes flat for 15€.

The asymmetric chignon: what is it?

It is an unstructured and modern version of the chignon which gathers the hair up on one side of the face, leaving a few locks loose and running wild. To create this asymmetrical chignon, your hairdresser will start by flattening and sweeping the front section of your locks over your forehead like a turban. Then the hairdresser will gather your hair into a ponytail above your ear, before winding it around itself down to the tips. Then the stylist will form a cylindrical chignon on the side which does not hold back all of the hair, so the tips fall down naturally onto your shoulder.

Who is it for?

For the daring with long hair in search of an original up-do to get a rebellious look or for those who consider chignons to be too classic.

Its advantages

Halfway between a chignon and a half-up half-down hairstyle, this rock chignon showcases your locks. Not only asymmetrical, it also gives your hairstyle plenty of depth, avoiding the flat effect of hair swept towards the back: a real boon for fine hair.

When to wear it?

This rock chick unstructured version of the chignon is perfect for evenings out. It will also create beautiful effects for enhancing your outfits for end-of-year parties.

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by Jean Louis David

By Jean Louis David