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This month's best hair stories.
This month's best hair stories.

Buzzhair: fries and mayo for my hair please!

Miracle products (or almost), stunning accessories (or not), surprising makeovers (or not): here are the latest hair stories spotted on Instagram which are not to be missed!

Everyone loves hair mayonnaise!

We're more used to seeing it in our fridges than on our bathroom shelves and yet, mayonnaise is emerging as THE ultimate hair treatment for rescuing damaged hair. Rich in eggs and oil, this cold sauce is perfect for repairing broken brittle locks and rehydrating dry hair. These benefits have not escaped the sharp eye of Instagrammers, who are proudly showing off their new favourite beauty product on social networks, in a pot or already applied to their hair as a mask. So, what do you think, is this new hair trend going to tempt you?

A dramatic makeover!

Here's a hair makeover which may have gone unnoticed, had Turkish hairstylist Emre Ayaksiz's cutting technique using clippers, (an essential tool at Jean Louis David), not been so spectacular. Enough to captivate the web and to ramp up the views, likes and comments on Instagram, this video post of a radical haircut has been watched no less than 1,409 376 times at the time of writing!

A magic brush for express straightening

From curly to straight hair | by @braids_in_action

Une publication partage par Parlons Cheveux (@parlonscheveux) le

The latest craze for women with curly hair? Straightening brushes! All the rage with their incredible straightening power, they guarantee that you no longer need to spend ages tediously blow-dry straightening or frantically sliding your locks in between your straighteners' hot plates. This clever new accessory straightens your hair in a single brush stroke! It saves a considerable amount of time and has taken the web by storm. Although some people are singing the praises of their new favourite brush, others still doubt the effectiveness of this incredible express form of straightening. So, are you going to give it a try?

McDonald's fries to combat baldness

This is a great man Ronald McDonald! #costanzagrams

Une publication partage par Seinfeld Memes (@costanzagrams) le

What if the famous fast food restaurant chain's fries were a remedy for baldness? That's the far-fetched conclusion of a scientific study led by researchers at Yokohama National University in Japan. The latter thus highlights the effectiveness of a chemical component called dimethylpolysiloxane (contained in the oil used to fry McDonald's fries), in helping to prevent hair loss and baldness. For McDonalds addicts, that's all it would take to elevate those "golden arches" fries to miracle product status.

A lesson in hair colouring

#grunge #kurtcobain #nirvana #selfie #browsonfleek #outfitoftheday

Une publication partage par Emily (@emilygracereay) le

An unbelievable story: this English teen called Emily Reay was excluded from her school because of... Her hair colour! Her orange-red hair colour was deemed "indecent" by her teachers. They asked the young girl to choose a less vibrant shade of red before returning back to class. Outraged by her hair misfortune, the teen shared her story on social networks and quickly gained support from lots of Internet users. All that online hype meant that she was able to win out and keep her vibrant flaming red locks!


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