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Behind the scenes at the new Spring-Summer 2018 Jean Louis David collection.
Spring-Summer collection

Behind the scenes at the Spring-Summer 2018 collection


This season, women have the luxury of being themselves all while rocking the latest trends, as their hairstyles reflect their true personalities.

The bob cut is undoubtedly taking centre stage this season, and comes in a range of different lengths at Jean Louis David! With choices of short, mid-length or long, opt for the version that suits you best out of the three looks featured as part of the Inside collection. Each of these styles is a new twist on the classic bob, using three different layering techniques. Whether you are a blonde, brunette or redhead, fully embrace your colour and enhance it with a natural lightening effect created using exclusive techniques, for a colouring treatment perfectly tailored to you.

Inspired by the sexy, independent women of the 90s, Jean Louis David has come up with a collection that is accessible to everyone, with hairstyles to match any personality, playing with up-dos that have been making a comeback and oh so nineties curls.

There's no need to settle for just one look, as you can create umpteen different hairstyles and new looks for the ultimate makeover! Opt for bespoke curls or fun yet elegant hairstyles. Choose crimped locks and finger waves for a fluffy texture, or go for cascading voluminous curls or one of many scrunched styles, all of which are featured as part of the Style Bar's new looks, as are sexy double buns for a touch of seduction and the fountain ponytail style with crimped lengths.

Whether you want a mid-length cut with a sexy curtain fringe, glamorous baby-doll locks or an innocent blond hairstyle with rock chick waves, be daring and seductive this season and become a Jean Louis David woman! We dare you!

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Spring-Summer collection
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