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A crown of plaits: how to create different styles?


A crown of plaits: how to create different styles?

A truly "it" style, the crown plait has been popular of many seasons now. Whether on the runways or on the streets, it has been charming women looking for sophisticated feminine lengths. All you need to know is how to make a plait to create the plaited crown. It just takes a few more steps to give yourself an elaborate hairstyle.

Both modern and trendy, it is perfect for all hairtypes, regardless of length. It even works with short hair! A beautiful Bohemian style with several options: it can be loose, half-done, half-undone or more strict. The crown plait optimises all looks, whether very casual or with an evening gown... it adapts to your whims. An ideal style for both rushed mornings and elegant evenings! Come learn the indispensable steps to make a very attractive crown plait.

You already have all the styling tools needed to make an exquisite crown plait for an everyday look.


Get the low down on the messy braided crown...
Get the low down on the messy braided crown...

The braided crown is the ideal way to open up your face whilst cementing your style status. This winter, why not update this hairstyle with a messy, haphazard finish? Perfect for adding a romantic, bohemian and feminine feel to any outfit. The look was spotted on the Aganovich Spring-Summer 2015 runway at Paris Fashion Week. Hair was...

Streetstyle: the braided crown
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Streetstyle: the braided crown