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The Rock & Braids updo by Jean Louis David
The Rock & Braids updo by Jean Louis David
The Rock & Braids updo by Jean Louis David
Style Bar

A closer look at the Rock & Braids updo from the Style Bar


This season, Jean Louis David's Style Bar is giving braids pride of place and is offering two new hairstyles with its Rock your summer collection. In short hair, the Rock & Braids updo is giving a new twist to side-swept locks. We take a closer look.

With no wash cut and blow-dry, give a rock style to your bob in 15 minutes flat for 15€.

What is the Rock & Braids updo?

It is a combination of a rock look and braids. To create this look, your hairdresser will put four loose horizontal braids in your locks. This will gather the hair to one side of the face, in a similar way to side-swept locks . Ideal even for short layered haircuts , the Rock & Braids updo makes your locks dart in all directions and gives a pretty messy-styled effect to your hair with multiple braids. Then, your hairdresser will add movement on one side, to the strands framing your face, by creating volume on top. Finally, the hairdresser will fix the hairstyle using Jean Louis David's Fix Ultime extra hold hairspray for impeccable hold.

The Rock & Braids updo by Jean Louis David
The Rock & Braids updo by Jean Louis David

Who is it for?

There is no need to have long hair to get a rock chick summer look. You can also get a Jean Louis David Style Bar hairstyle if you have short bob.

Its advantages

With a multitude of braids and a messy-styled effect, the Rock&Braids updo gives a rock look to braids, a style which is still highly on trend this Spring-Summer 2017. Furthermore, its messy-styled effect showcases all the different shades of your hair colouring, giving it more depth.

When to wear it?

Perfect for hot weather, it keeps the hair off the nape of the neck and out of your eyes in no time at all. It is perfect for summer walks and evenings out on the dancefloor!

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