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This month's hair news stories
This month's hair news stories

[Twitthair]: this month's hair-centric tweets

A quirky hairstyle tribute, a tangle of preconceived ideas, top tips and hair-larious stories: here is a review of the best hair tweets as we head into autumn.

Put a stop to preconceived ideas!

#I rlly want to go for permanent hair straightening but what with the price and the fact it's bound to damage my hair idk

Think again Carolina - you can go for permanent straightening without risk of damage to your hair. Some salon treatments are actually less damaging than straighteners used daily. Brazilian straightening, for example, is a keratin treatment which straightens your hair whilst deeply nourishing and strengthening the hair fibre. Why not give it a go?

Egg-streme hairstyle tribute

#BUZZ- A giant cockerel with Trump's hair outside the White House

Since his inauguration, the American president has been the talk of the town, especially his blond hairstyle with its distinctive side-swept front section. His admirers have even paid tribute to him in a rather unusual way by putting up a giant inflatable cockerel with his hairstyle in the White House garden.

Styling opinion poll

#Trial run hairstyle for a wedding, what do you think? My black roots aren't all that unsightly after all...

Do you wonder whether your wedding hairstyle will fit the bill? Why not do what @Chully bunny did and ask your followers what they think of it? Otherwise, you can always take a look at our special chignon wedding guest hairstyle ideas.

Tactless humour

#She really has got a ponytail.

Yet more proof that we shouldn't neglect the ends of our hair! Here, it's not a question of treatment but styling, of course, with this extra-long ponytail which made our internet user laugh. You've got to like his funny comment about this slight mishap with XXL hair. As for you, we advise you to choose your ponytail according to your face shape for an updo that looks right!

A hair quote

'Any woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life' Coco Chanel

Here's a quote which most likely rings true for you, as much as it does for Valentine! As you have probably found, changes in haircut and colour often happen at key points in your life, like going back to school or after a break-up... But that doesn't stop you from changing your style just for the fun of it!


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[Twitthair] Autumn essentials
[Twitthair] Autumn essentials

After the holidays, it's time to give a new lease of life to our hairstyles. Here are some essential tweets to get us in the mood for autumn. Coming up... Humour, retro styles and plenty of...

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