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A compilation of this month's hair tweets
A compilation of this month's hair tweets

[Twitthair]: a review of this month's hair tweets

On Twitter, hair is not just a beauty issue. It is at the heart of everyone's everyday lives and tweets, from difficult mornings to political meetings to thoughts on gender equality. We take a look at some serious hair issues which are getting everyone talking in the Twittosphere.

Hair inequality

If I were a man I would do colourful things with my hair, but as a woman I feel like my locks are a big deal.

"Ah if only I were a man..." Why hold back @Mutine? Multi-coloured, bright and even fluorescent shades are more on-trend than ever for women. Rise above preconceived ideas and brave a pretty pastel hair colour to start with.

The secret life of curly hair

Curly hair: one day you have beautiful cascading curls, the next it's a nightmare. Like when you go to sleep and your curls get wrecked or you brush them and you get a lion's mane!

If you have curly hair do not despair! To wake up with beautiful curls, use products specifically designed for your hair type such as the Curl Therapy regime. That way your mornings will be much less of a challenge.

Political consideration

#Macron in #Lille2 is just a room full of grey-haired people, journalists, empty seats and no students whatsoever... Just like at the [French] Senate!

Be careful of drawing such hasty conclusions Matthieu, salt and pepper hair is now a big trend and is popping up everywhere - even on youngsters! Looks can be deceiving, also when it comes to hair fashions.

The joys of getting a haircut

I want long hair but I also want a bob

We've all experienced this frustrating dilemma between letting your hair grow so you can create loads more ultra-feminine hairstyles, or cutting it off and going for a very on-trend bob. Go for it Leah, your hair will always grow back.

Hair-related classified ad

I need someone to stroke my hair

How can you resist that feeling you get when someone strokes your hair? Some internet users call on their followers to fully go for it!

Poetry is hanging by a thread... Or should we say a hair!

Everything is a mess.

My hair. My bed.
My words. My life.
My heart.

These few witty lines remind us just how charming de-styled hair is. Does it make you want to give it a try?


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